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  • 13Fév

    HK Films Awards 2013: 4 nominations pour CZ12

    Les nominations des 32èmes HK Films Awards ont été annoncé.

    CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac) a reçu 4 nominations:


    – MEILLEUR EFFETS VISUELS (Han Yeong-u, Victor Wong, Patrick Chui, Jang Seong-ho)

    – MEILLEUR ESPOIR (Zoe Zhang Lan Xin)

    – MEILLEUR MONTAGE (Yau Chi-Wai)


    La liste:


    MEILLEUR FILM: The Bullet Vanishes, Cold War, Motorway, The Viral Factor, Vulgaria

    MEILLEUR REALISATEUR: Soi CHEANG (Motorway) – Pang Ho-cheung (Love In The Buff) – LO Chi-leung (The Bullet Vanishes) – Dante LAM (The Viral Factor) – Longman LEUNG, Sunny LUK (Cold War)

    MEILLEUR SCENARIO: Pang Ho-cheung, LAM Chiu-wing, Jody LUK (Vulgaria) – Pang Ho-cheung, Jody Luk (Love in the Buff) – Lo Chi-leung, YEUNG Sin-ling (The Bullet Vanishes) – Longman Leung, Sunny Luk (Cold War) – Alan MAK, Felix CHONG (The Silent War)

    MEILLEUR ACTEUR:  Nick CHEUNG (Nightfall) – Chapman TO (Vulgaria) – Lau Ching-wan (The Bullet Vanishes) – Tony LEUNG Ka-fai (Cold War) – Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai (The Silent War)

    MEILLEURE ACTRICE: Zhou Xun (The Great Magician) – Miriam YEUNG (Love in the Buff) – Sammi CHENG (Romancing in Thin Air) – Elanne KWONG (Love Lifting) – Zhou Xun (The Silent War)

    MEILLEUR ACTEUR DANS UN SECOND RÔLE: Ronald CHENG (Vulgaria) – LIU Kai-chi (The Bullet Vanishes) – Gordon LAM (Cold War) – Chapman To (Diva) – Alex MAN (Diva)

    MEILLEURE ACTRICE DANS UN SECOND RÔLE: Susan SHAW (Vulgaria) – Dada CHAN (Vulgaria) – JIANG Yiyan (The Bullet Vanishes) – Elaine JIN (The Viral Factor) – Mavis FAN (The Silent War)

    MEILLEUR ESPOIR: ZHANG Lanxin (CZ12) – Joyce FENG (The Last Tycoon) – Jayden YUAN (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero) – Alex Tsui (Cold War)

    MEILLEURE PHOTOGRAPHIE: Andrew LAU, Jason KWAN (The Last Tycoon) –  CHAN Chi-ying (The Bullet Vanishes) – Kenny TSE (The Viral Factor) – Jason Kwan, Kenny Tse (Cold War) – Anthony PUN (The Silent War)

    MEILLEUR MONTAGE: YAU Chi-wai (CZ12) – David RICHARDSON, Allen LEUNG (Motorway) – KWONG Chi-leung, Ron CHAN (The Bullet Vanishes) – Azrael CHUNG (The Viral Factor) – Kwong Chi-leung, WONG Hoi (Cold War) 

    MEILLEURE DIRECTION ARTISTIQUE: YEE Chung-man, Eric LAM (The Last Tycoon) – Timothy YIP (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero) – LAU Sai-wan (The Guillotines) – Silver CHEUNG, LEE Kin-wai (The Bullet Vanishes) – MAN Lim-chung (The Silent War)

    MEILLEUR COSTUME ET MAQUILLAGE:  Yee Chung-man, Jessie TAI (The Great Magician) – Timothy Yip (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero) – Dora NG (The Guillotines) – Stanley CHEUNG (The Bullet Vanishes) – Man Lim Chung (The Silent War)  

    MEILLEURE CHOREGRAPHIE D’ACTION: Jackie CHAN (CZ12) – Sammo HUNG (Taichi Zero, Taichi Hero) – CHIN Ka-lok, WONG Wai-fai, Thomson NG (Motorway) – Dante Lam, Chin Ka-lok, Wong Wai-fai, Thomas Ng (The Viral Factor) – Chin Ka-lok & Wong Wai-fai (Cold War)

    MEILLEURE MUSIQUE: Comfort CHAN, Yu Peng (The Last Tycoon) – TEDDY Robin, Tommy WAI (The Bullet Vanishes) – Peter KAM (Cold War) – Eman LAM, Veronica LEE (Diva) – Comfort Chan (The Silent War)

    MEILLEURE CHANSON: The Last Tycoon, The Guillotines, Romancing in Thin Air, Lan Kwai Fong 2, Diva

    MEILLEUR SON: Kinson TSANG (The Guillotines) – Benny Chu & Steve Miller (Motorway) – Phyllis CHENG (The Bullet Vanishes) – Kinson Tsang (The Viral Factor) – Kinson Tsang (Cold War)

    MEILLEUR EFFETS VISUELS: HAN Yeong-u, Victor WONG, Patrick Chui, Jang Seong-ho (CZ12) – Chas CHAU, Kim HO, NG Yuen-fai, A Law (Tai Chi Zero, Tai Chi Hero) –  Victor Wong (The Guillotines) – Law Wai-ho & Hellowing Cheung (Motorway) – Cecil Cheng (Cold War)

    MEILLEUR NOUVEAU REALISATEUR: Roy CHOW (Nightfall) – Brian TSE (McDull, the Pork of Music) –  Andrew FUNG (The Bounty)

    MEILLEUR FILM DE CHINE ET TAïWAN: Back to 1942, Gf*Bf, Love Is Not Blind, Painted Skin: The Resurrection, Love


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